Herman Miller Cosm Office Chair High Stool

Cosm Stool

With the same style and comfort, the Cosm Stool provides a flexible and supportive option for a high-set workspace. Available in Low and Mid back, this mobile stool delivers instant support and stability no matter the user. Built with the Auto-Harmonic Tilt, this chair mimics your movements and posture to provide natural balance. The ergonomic one-piece seat and back adds a stylish touch, while the breathable material allows for complete comfort for long term use.

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  • Available in Low and Medium Back
  • Auto-Harmonic Tilt
  • Intercept Suspension Material
  • Flexible Frame
  • AFRDI Approved Level 6 
  • Arm Options: Leaf Arms, Adjustable Arms, Fixed Arms, No Arms
  • Multiple Colours Available
  • Chair Depth: 678mm
  • Chair Width: 678mm-744mm
  • Chair Height (Low Back): 1036mm-1282mm
  • Chair Height (Mid Back): 1155mm-1400mm


AFRDI Certified Level 3 Certified Indoor Advantage Gold Certified Warranty
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