Herman Miller Mirra 2 Office Chair High Stool

Mirra 2 TriFlex Back Stool

Through personalised ergonomics and intuitive adjustments, the Mirra 2 Range can be fine-tuned to its user. Built to support movement and motion, the Mirra 2 Range allows you to move freely and naturally, with the seat and back adapting to your posture. The polymer back acts as a suspension membrane, with the flexibility to work with fluid motion. Through sacral support and tilt control, this chair keeps your spine properly aligned as you sit.

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  • Polymer Vein Back
  • Loop Spine for Flex
  • Harmonic 2 Tilt Control
  • PostureFit Sacral and Lumbar Support
  • Forward Seat Angle
  • Chair Depth: 470mm
  • Chair Width: 762mm
  • Chair Height: 1405mm


Level 3 Certified Indoor Advantage Gold Certified
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