Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair High Stool

Sayl Stool

The Sayl Stool provides a comfortable and supportive option for a high-set workspace. The 3D Intelligent suspension back provides complete sacral support by allowing your spine to maintain its natural shape, keeping a healthy posture while seated. The suspension area of the back varies in tension to provide greater support in key areas along your spine, while the stretch-knit seat allows for added comfort and breathability.

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  • 3D Intelligent Suspension Back
  • Height Adjustable Seat & Arms
  • Tilt Limiter & Seat Angle
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Customizable Finishes Available
  • Chair Width: 630mm
  • Chair Depth: 500mm
  • Chair Height: 1080-1330m


Level 3 Certified Indoor Advantage Gold
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