Martela PodBooth Acoustic Sound Proof Meeting Pod


Work in uninterrupted silence with the PodBooth by Martela. With sound-absorbing, tempered glass, these acoustic booths offer a slice of peace and quiet in the busiest of workplaces. Equipped with laminate tabletop and adjustable saddle stool, the PodBooth helps to boost productivity and concentration by eliminating noise and distractions. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, PodBooth is the ideal combination of privacy and style.

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  • Acoustic Walls & Ceiling
  • Sound-Absorbing, Tempered & Laminated Glass
  • Upholstered or Laminate Exterior
  • Laminated Table Top
  • Height Adjustable Stool
  • LED Lighting & Air Circulation System with Occupancy Censor
  • Power Socket
  • Magnet Closing Door
  • Pod Height: 2300mm
  • Pod Width: 1150mm
  • Pod Depth: 1200mm
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