6 Simply Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boardroom Table

by Wade Larkin on

6 Simply Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boardroom Table


Crafting the ideal boardroom is pivotal in office design, with the boardroom table being a cornerstone in this process. A well-designed office space is integral to creating a pleasant and enjoyable environment for both employees and clients.   

Studies indicate that 96% of employees believe superior office design enhances overall performance and competitiveness. Similarly, 95% recognise the positive impact of well-designed office spaces on productivity.  

In this guide, we will delve into six practical tips for selecting the ideal boardroom table for your space. Navigating these essentials will help you strike a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that your boardroom not only meets but exceeds contemporary workplace expectations, becoming a central hub for productivity. 


 1. Define Your Boardroom Identity 

Before delving into the myriad options of boardroom tables, it's important to contemplate the overarching aesthetic and purpose of your boardroom. Consider whether it should radiate a modern vibe, embrace tradition, or achieve a harmonious balance between these elements. 

Incorporating your brand colours and ensuring your boardroom aligns with your overall office aesthetic is vital. Your workspace should seamlessly extend your brand identity to be both motivational and conducive to productivity. Connecting your boardroom with your brand reinforces a sense of belonging, culture, and employee engagement 

Understanding the identity of your boardroom goes beyond influencing the physical attributes of the space; it actively contributes to creating an atmosphere that aligns with your organisation's values and objectives.  


2. The Dance of Space and Functionality  

Consideration of size plays a significant role in boardroom design, reaching beyond measurements to involve strategic space utilisation. It's crucial to thoughtfully assess your boardroom's dimensions, as an overly large table might overpower the room, while a smaller one may sacrifice functionality. 

The key is finding a balanced approach—establishing an environment that feels both spacious and intimate. Striking this equilibrium ensures your boardroom exudes an open and inviting atmosphere, all while maintaining a sense of purposeful utility. 

In pursuit of this equilibrium, explore the versatile Nest System Table by +Halle—a boardroom option crafted to adapt seamlessly to your space. This innovative boardroom style table is designed to meet the demands of dynamic environments, providing a perfect blend of flexibility and adaptability with its three versatile components.  

Nest System Table by +Halle


3. Crafting Conversations with Table Shapes 

Boardroom tables play a crucial role in shaping the ambiance of your discussions, with their diverse shapes extending beyond aesthetics to influence the tone and dynamics of your meetings.  

Each table shape can evoke distinct atmospheres and interactions, enriching collaborative experiences within the boardroom. For instance, the rectangular boardroom table introduces a sense of structure and formality into your conversations. On the other hand, the circular boardrooms style table fosters collaboration and openness, creating an environment where ideas flow freely. 

The choice between these shapes serves as a deliberate curator of atmosphere, impacting the nature of interactions and enhancing the collaborative spirit in your boardroom. 


4. Balancing Aesthetics and Durability 

Selecting durable materials for your boardroom table holds significant weight, especially in the fast-paced business environment where the boardroom plays a pivotal role in decision-making and daily duties. Durability isn't just a desirable quality; it's a necessity. 

A robust table ensures a lasting and resilient foundation, capable of withstanding the demands of meetings, constant use, and occasional mishap. It's an investment in longevity that minimises the need for premature replacements or repairs, contributing to the overall cost-effectiveness. 

Enter Arki Table by Pedrali—a seamless blend of European design and structural durability. With its ultrathin solid laminate top and quality powder-coated steel trestle legs, supported by an aluminum frame, this table strikes the perfect chord between style and sturdiness.  

 Arki Table by Pedrali


4. Prioritising Ergonomic Solutions  

Enhancing your boardroom experience involves prioritising the comfort and well-being of participants through the strategic choice of an ergonomic table design.  

Consider crucial factors such as adjustable height, providing individuals with the ability to tailor their workspace for optimal comfort. Ensure ample legroom to promote flexibility during extended meetings. Additionally, pay careful attention to the table's depth, facilitating the organised placement of essential materials without compromising accessibility 

By integrating ergonomic principles into your boardroom furniture selection, you not only address the physical comfort of participants but also create an environment that nurtures well-being and supports heightened cognitive performance 

One outstanding ergonomic boardroom style table is the Arki Table by Pedrali. This height-adjustable table range is a testament to the marriage of functionality and style. Its quality electrics empower users to customise the table's height effortlessly, ranging from 740 to 1140 mm, catering to various tasks and preferences.  

Height Adjustable Table


5. Seamless Technology Integration 

In the contemporary landscape, a well-considered approach to boardroom table design involves seamlessly incorporating technology, acknowledging its role in modern meetings. 

This encompasses effective cable management solutions, integration of built-in power outlets, and multimedia connectivity. This proactive approach not only enhances the table's functionality but also significantly contributes to optimising overall meeting efficiency.  

By facilitating smooth technological interactions, this strategic integration ensures that your boardroom remains technologically adept and well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future, fostering a more productive and streamlined meeting experience for all participants. 

Take the Power Video Conference family by Actiu as an example —an inventive boardroom table that flawlessly incorporates technology, catering to both in-person and virtual meetings. Constructed with a square pedestal base and robust hardwood, it simplifies device connections through a dedicated TV panel and centralised cable management.  

 Power Video Conference

Exploring Seating Options?  

Crafting a harmonious boardroom extends to choosing the perfect chairs. Ensure your selected seats complement the table's design and functionality. Prioritise ergonomic solutions for comfort during lengthy discussions, enhancing the overall ambiance and fostering focused and productive meetings.  

The combination of the right boardroom table and chairs not only enhances aesthetics but also creates an environment where participants can fully engage in discussions, ensuring a collaborative and harmonious experience in your boardroom. 

The Sofi 7500 from HÅG stands out as an excellent option for your boardroom seating needs. With the option of HÅG SlideBack™ armrests, providing flexibility for various seating preferences, the Sofi 7500 ensures both style and ergonomic excellence in your boardroom, contributing to a comfortable and productive meeting environment. 

 Sofia 7500 from HAG


Boardroom style tables emerge not just as a piece of furniture but as the focal point where collaborative discussions thrive. From defining your boardroom's character to choosing the right shape, each decision shapes an environment that embodies your organisational ethos and propels you toward success. 

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