Acoustic Lighting

Discover Peaceful Productivity with Acoustic Lighting Solutions 

Open-plan areas are a popular choice for modern offices but can cause distractions for workers due to noise being easily carried through large spaces and corridors. Incorporating an acoustic lighting solution to your office space is a wonderful way to not only enhance your workspace visually but also functionally by providing a more peaceful workspace.  

Explore a wide array of acoustic lighting solutions from reputable brands like Luxxbox available at NPS Commercial Furniture. These innovative designs create a harmonious and productive workspace by reducing noise while adding a stylish touch.  

What is Acoustic Lighting?

 Acoustic lighting is a type of lighting fixture, usually a soft dome-like pendant light, which combines acoustics material with lighting to prevent sound from carrying across a room. This type of acoustic slighting solution is designed to provide both light, style, and sound-absorbing capabilities in noisy and chaotic commercial spaces such as offices and schools. Our acoustic lighting solutions are crafted with sound-absorbing materials, such as acoustic panels or fabrics, which help control reverberation and reduce noise. 

By creating a more comfortable and productive environment, they enhance concentration, allowing for clearer communication, and provide a more pleasant experience for employees, students, and visitors. 

If this acoustic solution doesn't fit your space, no worries! We have a diverse range of acoustic solutions to cater to your specific noise needs. Explore our selection and find the perfect acoustic solution for your space: 

Acoustic Booths 

Acoustic Room Dividers 

Acoustic Seating 

Acoustic Work Pods 

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