Luxxbox Blade Lighting reduces reverberated noise


Enhance workplace productivity and comfort with the sleek and slim Blade acoustic light. Embrace the option of LED illumination or an acoustic baffle to effectively reduce reverberated noise in open areas, fostering a serene environment for focus and relaxation.  

Choose from a diverse palette of 50 captivating colors, ensuring a perfect match for any interior. Seamlessly install individual Blade pendants to create an endless flow of noise absorption, elevating ambiance with style and functionality. 

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  •  Ultra-sleek profile crafted with acoustic material 

  • Available in 4 heights and 4 lengths: 

  • Height 0: 145mm 

  • Height 1: 290mm 

  • Height 2: 580mm 

  • Height 3: 870mm 

  • Small: Length - 580mm (0.32, 0.75, 1.4, 2Kg) 

  • Medium: Length - 1,180mm (0.7, 1.4, 2.8, 4Kg) 

  • Large: Length - 1,770mm (1, 2.1, 4.2, 6Kg) 

  • Extra Large: Length - 2,360mm (1.4, 2.8, 5.6, 8 Kg) 

  • Choose from a diverse colour range 

  • PET felt or Wool finishes to choose from 

  • High-performance dimmable LED light source 


Architizer A+ Awards 2018 Winner declare Interior Design Honoree 2019 Lighting Design Awards Product Innovations 2019 Editor_s Choice product Innovations 2019 Grand Prize Silver Award Best of NeoCon well building institute
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