Luxxbox Wedge Thoughtboard Magnetic Whiteboard Surface

Wedge Thoughtboard

Discover the sophisticated Wedge ThoughtBoard – a silent performer with impactful outcomes. Its magnetic whiteboard surface offers versatile organisation for your office with a touch of elegance. Incorporating the sound absorbency panel, it creates a tranquil space in open-plan areas. Equipped with high-quality double castors, it effortlessly glides on any flooring surface. Elevate your workspace with this multifunctional and stylish solution.

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  • High-quality ceramic steel surface
  • High-quality lockable castors, hidden to prevent tripping hazards
  • Magnetic surface
  • All versions include an internal shelf for added functionality
  • The only GECA certified agile whiteboard in the market
  • Height: 1800mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Length: 1153mm

Optimal Accessories: 

  • Acoustic panel that doubles as a pinboard, for noise absorption
  • Storage tray
  • Solid oak pen shelf
  • Top rail for mounting oversized paper pad
  • Laminate backing options available
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