Acoustic Booths

Enhance Focus and Privacy with Acoustic Booths

Acoustic booths are becoming increasingly popular in modern open-plan work environments, as they provide a harmonious space where employees and visitors can enjoy their tasks without noise disruption. At NPS Commercial Furniture, we offer a wide range of acoustic booths in various colours, that foster concentration and productivity. Our acoustic booth solutions offer a peaceful and private environment to carry out phone calls, meetings or quiet activities, so you can reduce distractions.  

What Is An Acoustic Booth?  

An acoustic booth is an enclosed space that reduces noise levels and provides sound isolation in open-plan commercial environments such as offices. These booths can be used as private workspaces to avoid noise distractions from others in the area and work on tasks individually.  

There are varying types and sizes of acoustic booths, including 4-seater acoustic meeting booths and single-person small acoustic phone booths. Acoustic booths are versatile for a range of commercial spaces and teams as they can be used for individual tasks, making private phone calls, video conferences, or small group discussions and collaboration. Whatever your need, NPS Commercial Furniture has the perfect solution for your open plan office. 

About the NPS Commercial Furniture Acoustic Booth Range: 

At NPS Commercial Furniture we understand that furniture should be functional and stylish, which is why our range of acoustic booths incorporates both elements. Our acoustic booths provide maximum sound absorption to reduce disruptive noise while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking for an acoustic meeting booth or an acoustic phone booth, we have the perfect solution for your office. 

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