Reduce Noise and Enhance Productivity with Acoustics

In modern commercial spaces, open-plan work environments have become extremely popular, leading to a growing need for reliable acoustic solutions. At NPS Commercial Furniture, we offer a wide selection of cutting-edge acoustic furniture from top Australian and international brands. Acoustic furniture can effectively reduce unwanted noise and enhance productivity levels.  Discover our innovative solutions for a more peaceful and productive workspace. 

Why You Should Invest in Acoustics for Your Next Commercial Project: 

In busy work environments, noise can significantly impede productivity. With open-plan offices gaining popularity in fostering creativity and collaboration, addressing office acoustic solutions is crucial. To address sound travel and its effect on concentration, consider investing in acoustic office furniture and furnishings. Acoustics can significantly minimise unwanted noise, encouraging a peaceful and focused atmosphere that enhances office morale and overall productivity. Create an ideal work environment with our range of office acoustic solutions. 

How Do Acoustics Work? 

Different acoustic materials will have varying levels of absorption depending on their mass and porosity. Acoustics can come in the form of office dividers through to cleverly made soft furnishings that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

These acoustic furniture and furnishings can help absorb and diffuse sound waves, resulting in improved audio clarity as well as reducing unwanted reverberation, playing a key role in creating the perfect sound environment for your commercial space. 

Whether acoustics are required for an open plan office, classroom, waiting room, meeting rooms or sound recording, stylish and high-quality acoustic treatments can improve speech intelligibility and reduce listener fatigue.

Discover a wide selection of acoustic solutions at NPS Commercial Furniture and bid farewell to unwanted noise today: 

Acoustic Booths 

Acoustic Lighting 

Acoustic Room Dividers 

Acoustic Seating 

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