Communication Boards

Modern, Durable and Stylish Communication Boards

NPS Commerical Furniture’s range of communication boards are perfect for teams looking to stay connected, informed and more easily collaborate. Our range of writing boards are unique in design, being available as static of mobile boards, in a diverse range of colours, textures, sizes and shapes.  Use a fabric mood board to pin ideas to, or a minimilistic wood mobile board for easily using in various settings.

Whether you’re a design firm or school, you’re sure to find a board that suits your team’s needs allowing educators, colleagues and visitors to collaborate, share knowledge and tell stories in creative and effective ways.

What is a Communication Board?

A communication board is a versatile tool used in numerous settings to facilitate effective communication, information sharing and collaboration. Boards come in many different forms, such as whiteboards, writing boards or corkboards. They act as a practical way in classrooms, offices, hospitals, and hospitality spaces for people to share messages, concepts, ideas and announcements with ease. Communication boards provide a space for visualising and displaying pictures, notes, notices, drawings and other relevant materials. Boards are thus an essential way to encourage communication and organisation within a commercial setting.

At NPS Commercial Furniture, we have a wide range of varying communication boards to suit the specific needs of your space, explore our full collection now:

Writing Boards

Mobile Writing Boards

Mobile Noticeboards