Framery One Acoustic Meeting Pod Phone Booth

Framery One

Work smarter and stay connected with Framery One. Combining their award-winning acoustics with the latest smart technology, Framery presents their first digitally-enhanced soundproof pod.

Featuring an adjustable stool with footrest, electric height-adjustable table, and wireless charging, Framery One furthers the superior quality with an integrated 4G module so the user always stays connected. Through this seamless connection users can link their calendars for easy reservations, or simply step inside a free pod and it will automictically book your spot and illuminate the exterior occupancy light so others know when the pod is in session. The built-in touchscreen provides easy adjustments for airflow and brightness, and with automated notifications users can track their pod time and future bookings.

Directly linked to Framery Connect management system, business owners can see insights and reports on how and when the pod is being used to manage workplace efficiencies and determine return on investment.

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  • Top Rated Sound Insulation
  • Integrated Smart Technology with 4G
  • Hi-Res Touch Screen
  • User Adjustable Airflow & Lighting
  • Automatic Occupancy Light
  • Height Adjustable Stool
  • Electric Height Adjustable Table
  • Power Outlets & Wireless Charging
  • Calendar Integration for Bookings
  • Framery Connect Reports & Insights
  • Modular Sections for Easy Upgrade
  • Customisable Finishes


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