Luxxbox CONO lighting functional and striking luminaire


A striking acoustic pendant that beautifully combines light and sound in commercial interior spaces. Its robust noise-absorbing materials, distinctive black finial, and versatile output options create a functional and eye-catching luminaire, ideal for above workstations, lounges, counters or any table. 

Customise your space with 2 sizes, multiple output options, and a wide range of 50 premium wool finishes, allowing you to achieve a truly tailored and stylish look. 

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  • Playful design with a unique black finial and single side-entry cord feature 

  • Enhanced acoustics through internal and external noise-absorbing materials 

  • Multiple output options available: 

  • Ambient light with decorative glass diffuser (LED) 

  • E27 / E26 lamp holder 

  • Customisable with 2 sizes: 

  • Medium: Length - 400mm, Height - 528mm 

  • Large: Length - 500mm, Height -  652mm 

  • 50 premium wool colourways. 


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