Mastering Office Organisation: A Guide to Office Storage

by Wade Larkin on

Mastering Office Organisation: A Guide to Office Storage


An organized office doesn’t just carry visual appeal; it also has a profound impact on employee well-being and importantly, productivity.  

Storage is key in determining the efficiency of your office organisation. An expert in innovative office solutions, at NPS Commercial Furniture we not only understand the importance of well-designed storage solutions, but we also actively seek to work with brands that are on the cutting edge of such solutions. 

Our highly knowledgeable team are industry leaders in commercial, residential, and industrial furniture design, ready to advise and guide you towards choosing the right storage solutions to truly master office organisation. To this end, this article will explore the systemic benefits of office organisation and highlight some of our more innovative storage solutions. 


Stress Management – Storage for Emotional Well-being 

As our external is often an indication of our internal state, it stands to reason that when our space is disorganised, so are we. This is clear from a purely logistical point of view: we lose precious work moments each time we go searching for something lost on a cluttered desk.  

‘Having a messy or cluttered environment can “leave your brain feeling that your overall life is messy or disorganized, which can increase your feelings of depression and/or anxiety," says Neha Khorana, Ph.D., a board-certified clinical psychologist based in Atlanta.’ (footnote 1) 

Consider the emotional benefits of a clutter-free environment – reduced stress, improved mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being. With NPS Commercial Furniture's range of workstation and desk storage solutions, you can easily stow away items to maintain a tidy work environment and peace of mind. 

Alongside providing practical solutions, why not establish regular ‘spring cleaning’ days? Provide some food, turn on some music and turn it into a holistic social practice for your team. 


Efficient Office Storage, the Ultimate Productivity Booster? 

‘87 percent of workers polled admitted that a cluttered workspace negatively affects their productivity’ (footnote 2). Not only does being organised save time and reduce stress, but it also acts as a conduit to creativity. Creativity in the workplace is how we solve problems and remain innovative – directly affecting the bottom line of most businesses. 

Versatility is key to creative processes and our R2G Mobile Pedestal is high on both versatility and mobility. It’s a great addition to any workspace, sliding easily under an office desk. 


Proper Lighting for Performance 

Interestingly, it’s not just exposure to light that can affect productivity, but also the type of light they are exposed to. Studies suggest that ‘exposure to natural light or cooler light can help workers stay alert and energized, while exposure to warm light or dim light can make workers feel sleepy and sluggish.’ (footnote 3) 

If large windows and access to natural light isn’t an option, this effect can be mimicked by layering lighting. Ambient lighting can create a calming environment, while task lighting can assist in keeping employees’ alert and increase accuracy. 


Go with the Flow 

The traffic flow of your office is vital in aiding productivity and managing staff stress levels. The last thing a focused employee requires is disturbances from blockages in traffic flow or staff trying to locate documents. 

A clever layout considers high-volume areas, sensible navigation for visitors and, importantly, storage that is easily accessible. Our range of storage furniture caters to the day-to-day movements of your staff while contributing to the overall aesthetics of your office. 

Our APC Ezi-Drive Mobile Shelving is a future-thinking solution to both reduce your storage footprint and provide accessibility. Mobile shelving can increase your storage capacity and is an excellent option for maximising space without creating office bottlenecks. 


Privacy Matters. Storage Solutions that Prioritise Privacy 

Tailor your storage to meet the specific requirements of your office. Do you have clients frequently meeting in your office? Consider open shelving as an option for frequently used items and closed storage for maintaining privacy with confidential documents. 

If the need to maintain the privacy of your client’s information is critical, NPS’s Ausfile Lockers come in both multi-tier and multi-bank variations, are highly durable and secure. Complete with customised locking mechanisms, these lockers also feature a range of complementary accessories – adapting to your security needs. 


Mindful Design Builds a Positive Atmosphere 

Utilising storage furniture as part of the design of your office is a clever way to create functional storage. Our AusFile Tambour Cabinet functions both as storage and as partitioning. Built with inner receding doors to provide ample storage without congesting walkways. Available in five heights and two widths – there’s a solution for all office spaces. 

Choosing stylish storage solutions is far more than just aligning with your office's overall aesthetic. The AusFile Planter Box Accessory brings the outdoors in and sits neatly atop the Tambour cabinet. Handily, it also adds height if you are using the cabinet as a partition. 

Beautiful design affects more than just what we see. Balanced design affects our senses. Your employees resonate with beauty on a sensory level, it inspires and lifts them. It also expresses your level of concern and care of their daily routines. 

A well-organized office creates a comfortable and efficient environment that helps staff work more productively. By following the principles of decluttering, good lighting, efficient storage, inspiring design and efficient traffic flow, you set your employees up for success. 


NPS Commercial Furniture is a Townsville-based furniture supplier. We specialise in creating innovative storage solutions to help you master office organisation. We’re also a full-service supplier meaning that we can quote, purchase, and install waiting room solutions for you. Contact our team today on 1300 889 194 or at to learn more.