Warehouse Shelving 101: Choosing the Right System for Your Space

by Wade Larkin on

Warehouse Shelving 101: Choosing the Right System for Your Space

Efficient operations result in better productivity, increased staff morale and importantly – drive your bottom line. It makes sense then that well-organised warehouse shelving is the cornerstone of a well-planned warehouse. Core components of issues that deter efficiency can be an outdated layout, a lack of storage policy which hinders space or traffic flow.  

Key to efficient warehouse management lies in the careful consideration and selection of shelving systems. The process of creating your system. The selection process involves careful consideration of several factors such as space utilization, accessibility, and the nature of your inventory. This 101 guide will speak to all these factors, warehouse storage ideas, and highlight four standout products from NPS Commercial Furniture: Ezi-Drive Mobile Shelving, Selective Racking, Ausfile Stationery Cupboard, and Uni-Span. 


Major considerations when choosing the right system for your warehouse are as follows: 


Storage Warehouse Space 

Space is a major step in creating your warehouse system. An unorganised and restricted warehouse system is not only inefficient, but it also raises safety concerns. As you consider the current space available, also consider the growth of your business. Will you need flexible options as you are a growing business? Contemplate how to maximise the space available. While you may be restricted in the width of your warehouse, racks with height availability can increase your space. 



Having an industrial shelving system that speeds up the process of finding stock – is a win in cost and time optimisation. Making the day-to-day life of your staff easier is felt by your employees with increased productivity and satisfaction both great outcomes. Thinking your systems and processes through extends beyond shelving to the inventory systems you have in place.  


Industrial Shelves Durability 

Investing in a good storage system is an investment for years to come. If your warehouse is storing heavy products or a large volume of products, you will need a strong and durable system that stands the test of time. 



The TouchDrive Aislesaver: Maximizing Efficiency with Mobility 

The TouchDrive Aislesaver redefines motorized mobile shelving with its 24V DC low-voltage, WiFi-operated system. Its user-friendly LCD touchscreen simplifies operation, accommodating various carriage sizes effortlessly. Pin code access restricts aisle entry, while an advanced detection system ensures safety. This solution maximises efficiency and safety while minimizing costs, standing out as the top choice for high-density mobile storage. 

Key Features: 

High-density storage: Why not eliminate wasted aisle space with this clever, compact design. 

Easy accessibility: Mobile shelving units can be moved to create spaces where they are needed.  

Robust design: Can move loads of up to 6000kg (about twice the weight of an elephant) effortlessly. 

Easy Install: Aluminium tracks do not require fixing, so easy to install with minimal damage to your warehouse flooring. 



Selective Racking: Elevating Palletized Industrial Shelves   

APC’s Selective Pallet Racking makes the best use of a warehouse height and is an ideal system for those warehouses that require many SKUs in low volume – as each pallet is easily accessible stock control is also a breeze.  This system allows access to all pallets making stock control a breeze. 

Key Features: 

Palletized storage: Perfect for the goods in your warehouse that are stored on pallets 

Accessibility: Easy access to stock by any number of materials handling equipment 

Versatility: Individual beam levels can be easily adjusted to suit the flow of stock 

Flexibility: Particle board and mesh decks can create different shelf levels in racks 



Ausfile Stationery Cupboard: Organize and Secure Office Supplies 

The perfect storage addition to any warehouse. The better organised your staff is, the smoother the operations of your business. Ausfiles’s heavy-duty design boasts reinforced doors, full width shelves and a lock and handle – to ensure the privacy of your documentation.  

Key Features: 

Office supplies storage: Built to last and serve all your stationery needs. 

Lockable doors: Ensures the security and privacy of your documents 

Adjustable shelves: Customise the interior based on the size of items being stored. 



Uni-Span: A Robust Solution for Oversized Warehouse Storage Needs 

Easily tailored to adapt to a growing warehouse, Uni-Span Shelving can be reconfigured to suit a variety of needs and spaces. Shelves are fitted with ‘Magi’ shelf clips – so there is no need for nuts and bolts, adding to this storage solutions flexibility. 

Key Features: 

Long-span shelving: Uni-Span is designed for the storage of large, bulky items 

Durability: Can efficiently carry loads of over 100kg per shelf  

Adjustable and adaptable: Accommodating various sized items – the ultimate in flexibility 



Space, safety, accessibility, and durability. These are all major concerns for anyone who is looking to improve the physical storage, systems, and processes of their warehouse. Selecting the right warehouse shelving systems to support the unique needs of your warehouse is a high priority with direct impacts on the efficiency of your operations and your people. Investing in high-quality products, like the ones we have explored today, ensures your warehouse is primed not only for process efficiency but also productivity.  

At NPS Commercial, we value our long-standing partnerships with leading Australian and International brands that allow us to deliver warehouse shelving solutions. We are a full-service supplier, meaning that we can quote, purchase, and install your warehouse storage solutions for you. Contact our team today for warehouse storage ideas on 1300 889 194 or at hello@npscommercialfurniture.com.au to learn more!