Designing Inviting Outdoor Spaces: Your Guide to Commercial Outdoor Furniture

by Wade Larkin on

Designing Inviting Outdoor Spaces: Your Guide to Commercial Outdoor Furniture Culniary Estate Paro Broehuizen – project Judith van Moruik @ photo Roel Marius Brouwer 


Venturing into the realm of outdoor hospitality design unveils a world of possibilities for crafting inviting and memorable spaces. The choices we make in commercial outdoor furniture play a pivotal role in shaping these environments, transforming them into inviting havens for various venues. Beyond mere functionality, outdoor commercial furniture is a canvas for creativity and a means to enhance the overall experience of outdoor spaces.  

Join us on this journey as we explore the art and science of designing inviting outdoor spaces, uncovering the nuances of selecting commercial outdoor hospitality furniture for optimal aesthetics and comfort. 


Crafting Beautiful Outdoor Spaces: The Art of Harmonising Colours 

In the realm of outdoor design, harnessing the expressive power of colours becomes a potent tool in shaping the ambiance. The thoughtful choice of colours in outdoor hospitality furniture can greatly impact patrons' perception of the overall experience, including the taste of their meals. 

Green: In outdoor spaces, incorporating green hues in landscaping, foliage, or even furniture can evoke feelings of relaxation, freshness and rejuvenation. 

Blue: Whether through hospitality furniture, cushions, or decorative elements, blue can impart a calming effect, reminiscent of clear skies and serene waters. 

Warm Tones (Red, Orange, Yellow): Red can stimulate appetite and energy, making it suitable for outdoor dining areas. Orange exudes enthusiasm and energy, while yellow brings a sunny and uplifting atmosphere to outdoor spaces. 

Neutrals (Beige, Gray, Brown): Neutral tones provide a versatile backdrop, allowing other colours to stand out. Brown and beige can convey a sense of earthiness, harmonising with natural elements, while gray imparts a modern and sophisticated touch. 

White: Symbolising purity and simplicity, white is a classic choice that adds a sense of openness and cleanliness to outdoor areas.  

When considering colour principles and creating a vibrant atmosphere, the Nolita 3655 by Pedrali presents an excellent option for outdoor cafe seating. With a range of colour options available and the possibility to include a seat cushion accessory, the Nolita 3655 allows you to infuse your outdoor space with a burst of colours that complement the surrounding environment. 


Creating a Comfortable Oasis: The Role of Hospitality Furniture in Outdoor Experience 

Creating a cozy atmosphere in outdoor hospitality design involves seamlessly blending elements like outdoor cafe chairs and tables, decor, and accents. Dive into these tips to enhance comfort and ensure your guests' relaxation and enjoyment: 

1. Consider incorporating ergonomic outdoor furniture to elevate the level of comfort for your guests. Opt for outdoor cafe chairs and lounges that guarantee optimal support while maintaining a refined sense of style.  

Dome 260 by Pedrali emerges as a great ergonomic choice. Boasting a slightly curved seat back that effortlessly conforms to the user's shape and a waterfall-edge seat that facilitates circulation support, the Dome Chair excels in prioritising long-term comfort without sacrificing style.

2. Consider comfortable cushions and high-quality outdoor cafe seating materials to further contribute to a delightful experience, enabling guests to truly relax and enjoy their surroundings.

3. Provide ample shaded areas to shield guests from the sun, integrating features like umbrellas, pergolas, or natural landscaping elements, covering your outdoor cafe seating.  

4. Consider your layout to ensure a balance between intimate and communal spaces, allowing guests to choose environments that suit their preferences.  

5. Incorporate ambient lighting for evening settings, striking the right balance between functional illumination and creating a warm, inviting ambiance. 

By addressing these aspects collectively, outdoor hospitality spaces can be transformed into inviting havens, fostering memorable experiences for patrons. 


Sustainability in Style: Eco-Friendly Choices for Stylish Outdoor Furniture 

When crafting welcoming outdoor spaces, exploring eco-friendly options for commercial outdoor furniture becomes a thoughtful avenue. Incorporating sustainable materials presents an environmentally conscious alternative, allowing for a more responsible approach to design.  

Choosing recyclable and biodegradable materials, along with utilising eco-friendly finishes like water-based paints, becomes a tangible step towards enhancing sustainability in outdoor settings. 

Prioritising energy-efficient manufacturing and emphasising durability aligns outdoor design with eco-conscious principles. While not obligatory, these choices offer a valuable opportunity to harmonise outdoor spaces with nature while making a positive impact on the environment. 

In the quest for sustainable but stylish outdoor furniture options, the Cup from Derlot Editions emerges as an excellent choice. Designed with versatility in mind, Cup serves as an ideal co-working meeting point, perfect for both outdoor spaces and office breakout areas. Cup is crafted from materials that can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle, aligning with eco-friendly practices.  


Weathering the Elements: Choosing Durable Furniture for Lasting Impressions 

Selecting durable hospitality furniture is a crucial aspect of crafting lasting impressions in outdoor hospitality design. Outdoor commercial furniture must withstand varying weather conditions and heavy use without compromising aesthetics.  

Opting for outdoor cafe tables and chairs made from materials like powder-coated metals, weather-resistant woods, or UV-stable plastics ensures longevity. Consider furniture pieces with rust-resistant coatings and waterproof cushions to maintain their appeal over time. 

Durable outdoor furniture not only withstands the elements but also reduces the need for frequent replacements, contributing to sustainability, as spoken about previously. Prioritising durability allows outdoor spaces to remain inviting, welcoming guests with furniture that stands the test of time, making a lasting and positive impact on their overall experience. 

The Volt 674 by Pedrali is a noteworthy option, bringing elegance outdoors with its ergonomic and UV-resistant design crafted from molded polypropylene charged with glass fibres, ensuring strength, lightness, and aesthetic appeal. 


In the art of designing inviting outdoor spaces, commercial outdoor furniture emerges as a key player. Beyond its utilitarian role, each piece contributes to the ambiance and functionality of the space. By carefully considering factors such as functionality, materials, design versatility and comfort, you can craft outdoor environments that beckon guests to connect and create lasting memories. 

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