Framery 2Q Meeting Acoustic Booth Lounge

Framery 2Q Lounge

Taking a more relaxed approach to gatherings, Framery 2Q Lounge offers a private space for casual meetings or group socialising. With a large corner sofa, wall mounted shelf and optional display bracket for a TV or whiteboard, the Framery 2Q Lounge is extremely versatile no matter the use.

With user-focused design, Framery has created a series of private work spaces to combat the distractions of open-plan offices. Perfect for private phone calls or collaborative meetings, these acoustic pods boost concentration and productivity within the office by eliminating constant interruptions and outside noise. Built with sustainably sourced materials, their compact size and shape means they take up minimal room and can be positioned anywhere in any environment.

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  • Acoustic Felt Walls
  • Sound Control Glass Door
  • Large 6-Seater Corner Lounge
  • Wall Mounted Shelf
  • LED Lighting
  • Power Sockets & USB Fast Chargers
  • Optional Display Bracket
  • Pod Height: 2220mm
  • Pod Width: 2350mm
  • Pod Depth: 2800mm
  • Pod Weight: 950kg


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