Autex Frontier Raft Acoustic Panelling

Frontier Raft

The Frontier Family is made up of two high-performing acoustic beam variations, being Frontier Fin and Raft. Frontier™ Acoustic Raft is a modular acoustic system designed to communicate with the space via the adjustable channel and clip system—allowing for complete control over the height, spacing, and placement of each individual component.Frontier Acoustic Raft is made from 100% polyester fibre and cut to form elegant 2D and 3D shapes. Frontier is designed to be ‘tuned’ to interior spaces, offering tailored acoustic absorption across a wide range of frequencies.

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  • Made From 100% Polyester Fibre
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance
  • Easy to Install, Uninstall and Relocate
  • Constructed without Adhesives
  • “Tuned” to Suit Any Space
  • Customisable Colours
  • Product Height: 2400mm
  • Product Width: 1200mm
  • Product Thickness: 12mm / 24mm
  • Available in 24 colours and nine styles


Declare Green Tag Level B Red List Free Telark Registered ISO 14001
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