Actiu Karbon Chair Carbon Fibre Metallic Finish


A result of rigorous research and innovative process, Karbon is an award-winning chair. This chair has the ability to keep the essence of Actiu through comfort, functionality and utility while working with new materials to create a challenging yet inspiring new product. Extremely lightweight, Karbon has a hollow interior. Not only this, the hall mark material being carbon fibre allows for this product to be resistant and warm to the touch, as well as comfortable and durable, with the quality remaining unchanged overtime. The silhouette, made up of curving angles, matched with the metallic and shiny appearance helps to make a statement in any environment.

Unit price


  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Stackable Chair - 4 Units
  • 100% Carbon Fibre
  • Customisable Finishes and Colours
  • Total Height: 820mm
  • Total Width: 580mm
  • Total Depth: 580mm

Specifications & Brochures


AENOR Ecodesign Certificate AENOR ISO 9001 Certificate AENOR ISO 14001 Certificate LEED Platinum Certificate RedDot Award 2015-34 WELL Platinum Certificate
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