Martela Plus+ Chair Sofa Lounge Seating

Plus+ Sofa

Available in a two or three-seater styles, the Plus+ Sofa creates a safe and comfortable lounge area. This sofa provides total support to its user with the high seat height and wooden or upholstered armrests. With removable upholstery and moisture protection, the Plus+ Sofa is easy to maintain and clean.

The design for the Plus+ Family is centred around the high demands of the ageing body, creating a furniture range for those with impaired mobility that not only encompasses sleek elegance but also a supportive and stable piece to meet all special requirements. With the warmth of a wooden finish and soft upholstery options, the Plus+ Family is a perfect addition for stability and style.

Unit price


  • Rounded Wooden Legs
  • Removable Upholstery
  • Arm Rests - Available in Wooden Finish or Enclosed Upholstery
  • Birch or Oak Wooden Finishes
  • Sofa Depth: 670mm
  • Sofa Length (2-Seater): 1370mm
  • Sofa Length (3-Seater): 1770mm
  • Sofa Height : 890mm
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