Lintex Mood Fabric Wall Acoustic Glassboard

Mood Fabric Wall

Mood Fabric Wall is a practical glass writing board. With the front in tempered, low iron glass and the frame in sound absorbent textile, this product allows users to brainstorm ideas harmoniously, whether as part of a team or individually. Available in a range of selected colours, this product can be easily customised to suit the space. Separate modules can be added to ready-made combinations to create unique, multi-functional surfaces.

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  • Concealed Fittings
  • 48mm Sound Absorbent Filling
  • Tempered, Low Iron Glass
  • Magnetic Writing Surface
  • Available In 10 Selected Colours
  • 50mm Depth Off Wall
  • Various Sizes Available
  • Total Height: 1000mm
  • Total Width: 1500mm / 1750mm / 2000mm / 2500mm


The Mark Of Responsible Forestry
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