Offecct O2ASIS Green Pedestal Round Plant Stand

O2ASIS Green Pedestal Round

Versatile and contemporary, the Round Green Pedestals have the option of either a pot holder, seat or table top additions, doubling as both a planter stand and ottoman. Grouped together, the round model forms a gathering area with a mix of refreshing greenery at seated height. O2ASIS was designed to add a refreshing and natural touch to a room through greenery and plants, not only offering a vibrant feel but to improve indoor air quality.

Through innovative and sustainable design, Offecct develops unique furniture to modernise and personalise your space.

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  • Three Top Options Available
  • 238mm Deep Pot Holder
  • White Oak Table Topper
  • Frabic or Leather Upholstery Seat Topper
  • White Lacquered Metal Frame
  • White ABS Glides
  • Planter Height: 420-450mm
  • Planter Diameter: 500mm
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