Offecct On Point Meeting Bench Height Tables

On Point Tables

Part of the O2ASIS family, the On Point Tables take a modern and innovative approach to typical meeting tables. Varying from low-set meeting tables to bench height settings, these tables come equipped with a power station and various upholstery options for personalisation. The centre module can be customised to fit various plant sizes and heights. O2ASIS was designed to add a refreshing and natural touch to a room through greenery and plants, not only offering a vibrant feel but to improve indoor air quality.

Through innovative and sustainable design, Offecct develops unique furniture to modernise and personalise your space.

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  • Wood Frame
  • Fabric or Leather Upholstered Base
  • White Pigmented Oak Table Top
  • Various Centre Module Measurements
  • Three Table Heights Available

On Point

  • Height: 650mm
  • Diameter: 1600mm

On Point Medium

  • Height: 900mm
  • Diameter: 1200mm

On Point High

  • Height: 1100mm
  • Diameter: 1200mm
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