Diami Gen X2 Wood Desk Workstation

Gen-X2 Wood Workstations

With the soft addition of ash wood, the Gen-X2 Wood Workstation takes a contemporary approach to collaborative desking systems. Contrasting against the lighter tones, the wooden legs are topped with powdercoat steel, allowing the legs to blend effortlessly to the sleek table top. Positioned at a slightly angular stance, the strong rectangular legs are not only elegant but highly durable and stable. Combined with screening systems and various top finishes, these desks can be customised to suit any environment.

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  • Available in Single, L-Shape, 3-Way and 4-Way Workstations
  • Cluster Desks to Seat up to 8 People
  • Optional Cable Tray, Umbilical Cord or Power Pole
  • Optional Storage Trays
  • Optional Screen System Additions

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