Diami Gen-Y Workstations

Gen-Y Workstations

Minimalism is key in the design of Gen-Y, allowing the superior functionality of these desks to be the winning sell-point. Built to be strong and durable, the rectangular legs are built in a one-pice style to allow total support of larger table tops.

Sitting slightly raised off the legs, the bench top gives a soft floating look to compliment the continuation of sharp shapes and corners. Compatible with other Gen members, these desks are ideal as stand-alone units or can be grouped and clustered to seat multiple users, creating the ultimate collaborative working environment.

Unit price


  • Various Configurations Available
  • Cluster Desks to Seat up to 8 People
  • Singular and L-Shape Variations Available
  • Optional Cable Tray, Umbilical Cord or Power Pole
  • Optional Storage Trays
  • Optional Screen System Additions

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