Noom 20 4 Star Wood

Providing ultimate comfort for users at any time of the day, Noom Series 20 is a cosy armchair with a high back and headrest. Due to the height in the back, Noom 20 enables creating a comfortable reading or working corner. The shape of the Noom chairs accommodate users by following the curve of the body and allows for use over a long period of time. Working to complement the interior of any room, this chair is available in a large range of colours and materials.

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  • Armchair with high back and headrest
  • Available in different models: 4 leg metal, 4 leg wood and 4 star wood
  • Steel internal structure
  • Backrest & seat injected with flexible PUR foam of 80 kg/m3 density.
  • Upholstered in fabric for easy cleaning
  • Injected cushion of flexible PUR foam of 60 kg/m3 density.
  • Sewing:
    Simple Sewing - Monocolour
    French Sewing - Monocolour and Bicolour
    Sewing with trim - Monocolour with Colour Trim
  • Supported with black non-slip rubber pad
  • Total Dimensions:
    Height: 1044 mm
    Width: 760 mm
    Depth: 834 mm
  • Seat Dimensions:
    Height: 422 mm
    Width: 760 mm
    Depth: 834 mm


Aenor Certification Aenor Certification Quality System Aenor Certification Quality System U.S. Green Building Council
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