Eco-friendly Office Spaces: 5 Sustainable Office Solutions

by Wade Larkin on

Eco-friendly Office Spaces: 5 Sustainable Office Solutions

Does your office prioritise environmental sustainability? Eco-friendly office environments go beyond environmental benefits and aesthetics; they can have influences employee productivity, creativity, and job contentment!

Harvard University conducted a study exploring the influence of ventilation, common office equipment chemicals, and carbon dioxide on employees' cognitive abilities. The research discovered that employees within greener office spaces achieved notably higher cognitive functioning scores in tasks like crisis response and strategic development compared to those in non-green spaces.

Join us on an exploration as we dive into the world of crafting a sustainable office in this blog. We'll break down key factors that contribute to this effort and explore the impressive range of sustainable office solutions offered by NPS Commercial Furniture.


What To Consider When Creating a Sustainable Office:

Creating a sustainable office transcends aesthetics, delving into mindful choices that balance environmental stewardship and workspace dynamism. Whether you're orchestrating a new setup or reimagining a current one, consider these pivotal factors:


Sustainable Material Selection: Choose sustainable office furniture crafted from materials that embrace environmental consciousness, ranging from those incorporating recycled content to those proudly bearing sustainable certifications such as a FSC certificate.

Energy Efficiency: Iluminate your path with energy-efficient lighting and harness the allure of natural light to reduce electricity use. Embrace technology that tactfully powers down equipment when not in use.  While it's not always simple to measure productivity gains, energy efficiency can clearly contribute to improving your bottom line!

Strategic Workspace Arrangement: The layout's composition influences energy utilisation and occupant well-being. Thoughtfully position office furniture by windows to harness natural light and reduce excessive energy consumption.

Indoor Air Quality: Weave in finishes with low-VOC emissions and eco-friendly paints. The addition of indoor plants enhances air quality and contributes to a healthier environment. 

Furniture's Longevity: Elevate your space with durable commercial office furniture, high-quality furniture that endures the test of time. This approach not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also minimises the environmental impact of production and disposal.


Certified Eco-Friendly Commercial Office Furniture Options:

When in the process of seeking environmentally friendly office furniture, a critical factor comes into play: certifications. These endorsements are pivotal in guaranteeing quality and sustainability. Therefore, when searching for the perfect office furniture, it becomes essential to actively seek out the subsequent certifications:

  • The AFRDI Green Tick, a recognised Australian certification, guarantees adherence to strict environmental and safety standards.
  • The GECA certification encompasses a product's entire lifecycle, promoting eco-conscious choices, recognised in Australia.
  • The GreenGuard certifications focus on low VOC emissions. These international certifications guide businesses toward environmentally responsible furniture choices that align with their sustainability goals.



5 Sustainable Office Solutions from NPS Commercial Furniture:


Pedrali presents an extensive array of commercial office furniture, embodying both excellence and environmental stewardship. This is exemplified by their ISO certifications in quality, sustainability, and safety, underscoring their commitment to uncompromising standards. Their design-driven approach focuses on crafting durable, disassemblable furniture using resource-conscious processes.

Pedrali furniture is designed for disassembly and uses FSC® C114358 certified wood, paired with water-based coatings predominantly made from plant-based resins. The brand's commitment extends to calculating their corporate carbon footprint, resulting in the prestigious UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019 certification. Pedrali's dedication to eco-friendliness is a testament to their vision of harmonizing exceptional design with respect for our planet.

Pedrali Eco-Friendly Furniture


  1. ACTIU:

Actiu presents a wide range of office furniture designed with a strong focus on sustainability. Rooted in Actiu's Sustainability Policy is a dedication to efficient resource utilisation, spanning water, energy, and renewable materials. The Technology Park not only generates surplus solar power but also incorporates the Gaia by Actiu smart platform, fostering a symbiotic relationship between well-being and energy efficiency.

Actiu's sustainability journey expands into its production domain, notably in the expansion of the Actiu 7 plant. This expansion incorporates a photovoltaic plant with over 700 solar panels, nurturing 100% clean energy generation. Aligning with eco-consciousness, Actiu embarks on eco-designed product creation across their life cycle, reducing their environmental footprint from design to recycling. The circular economy philosophy guides their meticulous attention to product life cycles and materials.

Actiu Eco-Friendly Furniture


  1. AUTEX:

Autex acoustics offers an extensive range of sustainable office solutions and holds a strong position in the architecture and design industry, demonstrating a firm commitment to sustainability. With a strong focus on carbon neutrality, the company is dedicated to minimising its environmental impact.

Through rigorous certifications, such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and the Declare label, Autex Acoustics ensures that their products align with the industry's shift towards net-zero carbon. Their transparent approach extends to verified carbon offsets, demonstrating a dedication to emissions reduction. Autex Acoustics' comprehensive efforts, spanning from production to lifecycle, contribute to the broader goal of a carbon-neutral future for the industry.

 Autex Acoustics Eco-Friendly



Luxxbox, a distinguished manufacturer of acoustic solutions, recognises its pivotal role in safeguarding the environment. With a deep sense of responsibility, Luxxbox understands that the design community relies on them to provide sustainable office solutions that drive positive, enduring change. Luxxbox's commitment is exemplified through its investment in sustainable manufacturing processes and its unwavering preference for recyclable materials.

Notably, their acoustic materials, crafted to enhance workplace well-being, stand as a testament to their dedication. Luxxbox's Australian manufacturing facility, powered by solar energy, underscores their commitment to cleaner operations.

 Luxxbox Acoustic Lighting



Thinking Works' commitment to sustainability is rooted in principles rather than trends, initiating our journey in 2006 through the implementation of an environmental management system. Their unwavering commitment to social responsibility goes hand in hand with their strong dedication to environmental sustainability, making them an excellent choice for creating an eco-friendly office.

Thinking Works annually discloses their sustainability performance as part of their commitment. Their operations, encompassing products and supply chains, reflect their eco-conscious values. Certified under ISO14001 EMS since 2009, Thinking Works manages waste and offsets emissions. Their designs emphasise disassembly, low toxicity, and recycled content.

 Thinking Works Commercial Furniture


By adopting sustainable practices, they can set a shining example for a greener future in the business world and beyond. Feel free to get in touch with us today at 1300 889 194 or via to delve deeper into environmentally conscious workplace solutions or to inquire about the ideal products for your unique workspace needs.