The Executive Office Chair vs The Task Chair: Which One Should You Choose?

by Wade Larkin on

The Executive Office Chair vs The Task Chair: Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the perfect office chair is a vital decision that impacts both your well-being and work efficiency. A considerable segment of Australian workers spends about 76 percent of their work hours seated, averaging around 5 hours per day. Surprisingly, a quarter of the population reports sitting for more than 8 hours daily. The significance of finding a chair tailored to your body cannot be overstated, especially to counteract the potential adverse effects of prolonged sitting. 

In the diverse landscape of choices, two options shine prominently: executive chairs and task chairs, each presenting distinct features. Explore the various components of each to streamline your decision-making process. 


What is an Executive Office Chair? 

An executive chair represents a type of office seating tailored for managerial or executive roles. It's recognised for its association with sophistication, formality, and a professional demeanor, commonly found in executive suites, boardrooms, and esteemed office settings. 


Executive Chairs Typically Offer…

Tall Backrest: Executive office chairs usually feature a high backrest that provides comprehensive support to the user's back, including the upper back and shoulders, promoting a sense of authority and ensuring comfort. 

Plush Padding: Executive chairs often come with additional cushioning and upholstery, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable seating experience. 

Armrests: Many executive chairs incorporate padded armrests, delivering added support and comfort for the user's arms and shoulders. 

Swivel and Mobility: Most executive chairs are equipped with a swivel base and casters, enabling easy movement and access to different areas of the workspace without the need to leave the seat. 

Limited Adjustability: While not as adjustable as some ergonomic chairs, executive chairs may offer features like adjustable height and tilt, providing some customisation to suit individual preferences. 


Executive Office Chair Options: 


Actiu Cron 

Combining stability with a minimalist style, Cron features a molded aluminium structure and cushioned seating for comfort and support. Offering multiple adjustment mechanisms such as auto-weight control, back tilt positions, seat slide, height adjustment, air comfort system, and castors for enhanced functionality.

Actiu Cron


Herman Miller Cosm High-Back 

Embrace style and comfort with the Cosm High-Back Chair from Herman Miller. The Auto-Harmonic Tilt mirrors your movements for a natural balance, while the ergonomic one-piece seat and back add style and comfort. Ideal for prolonged use, the Cosm High is the epitome of sophistication and support.

Herman Miller Cosm High-Back


Herman Miller Embody Chair

Developed with expertise in biomechanics, the Herman Miller Embody Chair focuses on ergonomic excellence. Featuring a central spine and flexible rib backing, it mimics natural body movements for balanced posture. The chair adjusts to the user's movements, distributing weight evenly to reduce pressure and promote healthy circulation. 

Herman Miller Embody Chair 

What is a Task Chair? 

A task chair is a type of office chair specifically designed to provide comfort, support, and functionality for individuals who spend extended periods seated at a desk or workstation, performing various tasks. These chairs are known for their ergonomic features, aiming to promote proper posture and reduce discomfort during prolonged periods of sitting. 


A Task Chair Typically Offers… 

Adjustability: Task chairs typically offer multiple adjustable features, such as seat height, armrests, lumbar support, and backrest angle. These adjustments enable users to customise the chair to their body dimensions and preferences, enhancing comfort and reducing strain. 

Lumbar Support: Many task chairs feature built-in lumbar support to maintain the natural curve of the spine, providing essential support to the lower back and reducing the risk of back pain. 

Comfort Padding: They often have cushioned seats and backrests with breathable materials to ensure comfort even during long hours of use. 

Mobility: Task chairs usually come with a swivel base and casters, allowing users to move and rotate easily without straining or leaving the chair, enabling convenient access to different areas of the workstation. 

Functionality: These chairs are versatile and suitable for various work settings, including home offices, corporate environments, or spaces where users engage in tasks requiring prolonged seated focus. 


Exploring Task Chair Solutions: 


Herman Miller Aeron Chair:

Built with a health-positive design, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair supports a wide range of postures and activities. Featuring elastomeric suspension material and adjustable pads stabilising the sacrum and lumbar region, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair prioritises comprehensive spinal support. 

 Herman Miller Aeron Chair


HÅG Sofi 7500

Unleash the extraordinary comfort and innovation of the HÅG SoFi 7500.  Packed with ingenious features like a breathable, transparent backrest, HÅG in Balance® technology for active sitting, and fully adjustable lumbar support. Elevate your workspace with the option for HÅG SlideBack armrests, providing ultimate flexibility.

HÅG Sofi 7500


HÅG Capisco 8106

Inspired by the posture of horseback riders, the HÅG Capisco 8106 chair introduces a revolutionary ergonomic saddle seat and distinctive design. Explore a range of sitting positions, including a unique half-standing option that encourages constant movement, promoting overall health throughout the day. With its contoured saddle seat and plush cushioning, the HÅG Capisco 8106 ensures unmatched ergonomic comfort. 

 HÅG Capisco 8106


Key Takeaways 

Choosing between an executive office chair and a task chair hinges on the unique demands of your work, personal preferences, and the nature of your daily tasks. If your work responsibilities demand a professional presence, the executive chair may be the epitome of your workspace. Alternatively, if agility, adaptability, and practicality are your preferred work companions, the task chair could be your optimal choice. Reach out to our friendly team at NPS Commercial Furniture to find out more!